Noticing Spanish, some explanatory videos for beginners

I have made some videos to help beginners in Spanish for the first five lessons of Who is She.

If anyone has the time, please let me know if you think this would be useful. What would you do differently?

I have tried to keep it simple, simple to create and simple to follow (I hope).

I think it’s a good idea showing how to go about noticing what’s happening in the language. Well done!

EDIT - I’ve since had this explained to me.

I agree, that it is all a little bit fuzzy but such is life. We should not feel that we can nail things down. There is always a shirt tail hanging out somewhere.

This video is presented as teaching new learner how to “notice”, but I feel this is more of a video just giving some explanations about Spanish, which could confuse new learners. A learner can not get an explanation like this when learning actually “noticing”, so I feel like this video gives a new learner false guidance in the actually process of noticing. For example, a new learner will not notice the significance between an accented ‘como’ and an unaccented one without being able to compare the two in different circumstances.

There are a total of five videos so far. It is an attempt to provide some support to the kind of learner who wants more help and guidance, and is likely to ask a lot of questions. I appreciate the feedback so far, and hope to get more.

All comments, criticisms and suggestions are welcome, not just for Spanish but for this kind of video. Maybe some of you want to try your hand at making one.