Not showing up on 'available tutors' list

I have set my schedule to say I am available for English conversations. However, when I look in the ‘available tutors’ list I do not appear to be there.

Is there anything else I have to do?

You can’t see yourself because your conversations aren’t visible for you xD

You can see them with any other account but yours.

I can see you set up two conversations for tomorrow and for saturday.

yeah - I think this was done to prevent you from being able to set up conversations with yourself :slight_smile:

Hi Anthony, Nice to have you here.

I can see your scheduled times too. You should offer your conversation times more in advanced. At least a minimum of one or better two weeks in advance. Personally I like to book a whole bunch of conversations for the next two or three weeks.

Another reason is that people can not book in the last hours before a conversation starts. Then the conversation is no longer available. Group conversations are an exception. They can be booked even in the last few minutes.

Haha, ok. Silly me.

Thanks for the advice Vera. I will set up some times well in advance.