Not receiving vocabulary review emails

For the past four days I haven’t been receiving review emails. I can still do a review by going to the site but laboriously in 4 separate reviews of 25 words instead of one whole review. And today at the site, I didn’t even find a new review. Could you please fix?

Hi cheska99,
I cheched our email system and it shows that you did received (and opened) list of Daily LingQs yesterday. However it seems that email was sent in different time then usual. I’ll check that with our team and get back to you when I hear back from them.

Please do because I did (most gratefully ) get a review yesterday after I made this post, I didn’t for the three days beforehand. As of 9 am this morning (Eastern standard time), I don’t have a review in any form, in my mailbox or on the site, which makes it tough for me as this is the time I have available for working on them. I’m sure that it’s difficult having users from time zones all over the world, but aren’t we supposed to receive them overnight here in USA?

We changed the time we sent Daily LingQs in two days ago and Daily LingQs emails are now sent to each user in time when he created an account at LingQ.
Also, I checked in our system and it shows that Daily LingQs email was sent and delivered to you on:
April 5th (delivered, not yet opened by you)
April 4th (delivered, opened)
April 3rd (delivered, not opened)
April 2nd (delivered, opened)
So, emails were sent (and delivered) to you regularly. Please check your email again.