Not receiving email alerts

Hi all, I am so enjoying LingQ now that I “semi” understand it. With that said, I “used” to receive email reminders.

“Daily Workout” with the lingq’s to review, the daily target remainder, and these were SUPER helpful. I’d receive the email, say, hey it’s time to learn and complete my task.

I was wondering how I can get these back?

Also, is there a way to change what time I get these alerts? I have a meeting everyday and it’d be nice to study for 30 minutes prior to this meeting!

Thanks to this awesome community.

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I subscribed you back to our email system and you should start receiving emails regularly again.

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You are awesome!! Thank you Zoran.


could you do that to me as well.?

never received an email alert/statistics (statistics would be interesting to watch) apart from the one on app at 1 am reminding me to keep my streak alive :smiley:

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Is there a way I can set a time on reminder to adjust when I’m reminded to study/practice? I tried looking inside the app but was unable to find an area to change it. It’s set to late in the evening and it’d be awesome to adjust it mid-morning @zoran

Thank you!!

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No, sorry but not possible at the moment.

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Bummer, but understand. Thank you.

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