Not receiving daily lingQs on certain days

Hi all. Perhaps this is a newbie question, but I’m wondering if it is normal that on certain days I don’t receive my lingQs of the day? Not only I don’t receive the e-mail notification, but also the daily lingQs for those days are missing on the iPhone app as well as on the web site (under SRS menu).

For example, here is a recent history of the days for which I don’t have daily lingQs:
- July 3rd
- June 29th
- June 22nd

Is anyone else running into this type of behavior? Is it normal?

I had the same problem these days

@pcolag - There were problems with the LingQs of the Day for the previous few days and the lists were not generated in many cases and emails were not sent. Those issues should be resolved now. We are looking to make this system more robust so these gaps don’t occur.