Not importing from

I am having problems importing japaneses subtitles from

Error: Importing failed - Unable to download JSON metadata: HTTP Error 422: Unprocessable Entity

the folowing link

Sorry to hear that. Do you have problem with that one specific video or with anything you try to import?

It looks like it’s only this show, I tryed other episodes and the same error happened.

Thanks, got another complain from other user. I reported the issue to our team, we will get it fixed.

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I posted a workaround + a possible quick way to import manually for pay-rolled content on Viki:


Update: Unfortunately due to changes made by Viki, we are unable to solve the problem at the moment. As soon as we are able to do anything on our end to make it work again, we will let you know.


Thanks! Too bad you can’t get the audio (LingQ should be able to import BOTH audio and text, but we’ll need to fix the current errors).

And your activity score is NUTS!

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Has there been any news of an update to this extension to fix the issue?

Unfortunately, due to changes on the Viki, we can no longer support importing from that source. Nothing we can do to make it work. Hopefully we will be able to import from there again in future.