Not importing entire lessons

Recently I’ve been downloading videos from YouTube and if they’re long enough that they need to be separated into more than one part it only downloads part number 1. Usually I would finish that lesson and I could just click “Open Lesson” but that option has not been available as of late. Has anyone else run into this problem, or solved it?


Hi Craig / LingQ Team
Same happened to me yesterday and today.
Imported two Youtube videos from Android, one yesterday and one this morning, and Lesson part 1 successful for both, but no sign of Lesson part (2) for either import on Android or on Win 11 Desktop.
Thanks for any help or feedback, FrankG

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Sorry to hear that. Can you please post a link to one of videos you had a problem with? Also, what browser/extension are you using?


Hi Zoran
As per comment below … Imported with mobile Android yesterday, no lesson part (2) visible on samsung mobile Android or Win 11 Web browser …

and imported this morning …

Thank you

I thought it was just me. Both Android and Windows 10 desktop. :confused:

Thanks everyone, we are looking into the issue.

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Iceberg de La Segunda Guerra Mundial

And I was using Google Chrome and the lingq extension from the Google Chrome extension store