Not important, but I ask anyway :)

When do the BETA languages will pass into normal languages ?
Will it be possible to get the same interface for those languages as the one available for the others (for examples, having the background with national colours, the avatar with items and clothes related to the culture of the language we’re studying, ect,…)?

I know it is not that important but I still I ask it… I wonder what kind of stuff will be available for the Dutch version :slight_smile:

@Laurent1986 - There has to be enough activity in a BETA language to justify moving it to a fully supported language. We will make that decision based on the number of members actively studying that language along with the amount of content available in the library and the availability of and demand for tutors. We will need to see significant activity to do this.

I should add that we too think the national outfits are fun! :slight_smile: We hope to be able to do some Dutch outfits, buildings etc… along with the other beta languages. Let’s help these languages grow!

I think, Czech might be the first BETA language that will move to an officially supported one, because it has the most lessons (even more than some already supported languages like e.g. Swedish). But certainly, I don’t know how many users are actually learning Czech.

As for Dutch: I think the Dutch and Belgian members have to provide more content, before it’ll be a supported language. Up to now, I only see 2 main providers - silvia and vincent - who contribute from time to time some own lessons. I’m pretty sure, that there are a lot of members who’d like to learn or improve their Dutch (just like I do).

I have been quiet for some time now. Next week I get a webcam with which I will do some more tests to improve the sound quality. (If not I might need to buy a USB headset to try to improve the sound). So if all goes well I will get back to import some more Dutch material in a couple of weeks time. It will be nice if others import some Dutch material as well, to get a richer variety of resources.

I can import stuff, but not record anything because Dutch is not my native language :frowning:

Very mportant organization