Not enough material for advanced English students in LingQ

…so say a couple of my students. Here are some suggestions:

If you like adventure stories, Jules Verne translations are good for low intermediate 2, because he uses short chapters, with quite a lot of action and movement in the stories. Try these: LibriVox

World News for Children (aimed at 11 - 14 year old native English speakers), 3 minutes long plus transcripts. (Intermediate 1 - low intermediate 2?)

Intermediate 2:
The BBC World Service’s podcast 6 minute English; BBC Learning English - 6 Minute English. Scripts, glossaries etc can be found on the website: Learning English - 6 Minute English

Advanced 1:
If you are interested in news stories, you could try picking a news item and finding a podcast and a news article on the same story. Although they won’t be identical, they will both be about the same story and contain very similar vocabulary. You could therefore listen to the audio and create lingQs from the (similar but not identical) text. You can use Wikipedia articles as a source of vocabulary for podcasts. The Wikipedia article won’t say the same thing as the podcast, but there will be much common vocabulary.
Try the World Service’s Witness podcasts, BBC Sounds - Witness History - Available Episodes.

Any more suggestions?

Thank you very much for the podcasts, skyeblueteapot!
It’s so nice to listen to British accent. :slight_smile:

Forum - A World of Ideas BBC Sounds - The Forum - Available Episodes BBC Sounds - The Forum - Available Episodes
This “Forum” is great.

Podcasts on NPR NPR Podcasts & Shows : NPR

The BBC podcast: Forum is probably at about advanced 2. I thought it was a bit hard for the students I was talking to, though I’m sure it’s not too hard for you, Tora-san!

thank you so much for the podcasts

One of the most (if not the most) popular podcasts in the US is called “This American Life.” You can subscribe to it through itunes. A new episode is released each Sunday for free. Older episodes are not free, but cheap (I believe they are $1).

I uploaded a sample of this podcast to the English library. Feel free to take a look if interested.

ABC radio from Australia has many programs that may be downloaded as podcasts and with word for word transcriptions available. The ABC site may be found at I have just found one of many articles of this kind at ABC Radio National This article is about cost-benefit relationship in cancer prevention. There are many, many others. Some have a rather strong Australian accent, particularly those from regional radio and sports. I hope this is of interest to many LingQers.