Not able to import recently-purchased A.......zon book

I have used Calibre imported a number of books purchased from the popular e-book publisher in the past. Today, however, I purchased a new book but received the following message when I tried to import it into Calibre. Failed to read book. … Unknown.azw. Does anyone know how to bypass this apparent new method A… uses to stop this process?

I always convert them with calibre to pdfs before I import them

Yes, more than likely, your Kindle software has automatically updated to the latest version, which now downloads a differently formatted e-book. To get around this, you can:

  1. Find an older version of the Kindle software on the web (they don’t make it easy, but you can find it.) Place this version of the app somewhere other than your Applications folder, so it won’t automatically update. (You can leave the newest version of the app in the App folder, the two versions can live on your computer, as long as they’re not in the same folder.) Purchase books, and download them with the Old Version of the app.

If that doesn’t work, you can try:

  1. Purchase books on the Google Play bookstore or Kobo book store. Both of these seem to have the same selection of books as Amazon, but these have e-pubs that DRM plug ins can work with. And if you can convert the books to be able to upload to LingQ, you can also convert them to be able to read on your Kindle, just like you would with Amazon e-books.
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@t_harangi Thanks very much! I’ll try one of the other bookstores for my next purchase.

I have also discovered that I can open the book in the Kindle app, select a very small font size, and easily copy each page and paste into LingQ. I don’t think this was possible in previous Kindle iterations.

I am at present working on the first chapter. By the way, the book is “The Last Battle” in the Narnia series by CS Lewis in Chinese. The English version is obtainable at The Last Battle, by C. S. Lewis . The book is in the public domain, not snapped up by Disney or somesuch. English language learners might also be interested.

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