Not able to change status of LingQs or make any new LingQs

Help! I have not been able to make new LingQs or change the status of any LingQs for the last twelve hours or so. Is this because LingQ is working on the site? I do hope that I will be able to use LingQ properly when I finish work today in about 10 hours time.

Everything is working for me.

@rae68 - Which browser are you using? Have you changed or updated it lately? Have you tried using LingQ in another browser to see if this is happening in all browsers for you?

I have a problem, when I put the cursor into a word doesnt appears the translaton of the word… I change to mozilla an it happens the same… Please help because it takes me too much time have to search the word into a Dictionary…

Well, this is because google translate isn’t working with the site right now because of some changes Google made.

@Carlos - As Imyirtseshem says, this is due to some changes Google made. We are in the process of looking into it and will be sure to let you know about any updates.

@Carlos: You can open one of the other integrated dictionaries and look up the word there and create a new LingQ from that.

I think the problem must have been due to temporarily poor internet access here in Ethiopia. All is well now.

Thanks to those who replied. I can better understand my problem, when I see that the problem does not exist for other members.

OK, glad to hear it! :slight_smile: