Norwegian Language Learning report - 2 Weeks Progress

Hei alle sammen og velkommen tilbake til rapporten min! I have spent the last two weeks really strong engaging with Norwegian to try blast through the beginner plateau, as well as the fact I really love the language (I am a bit obsessed actually).
The statistics:
I am sitting at about 125 known words per day, fluctuating between 60-300 each day depending on commitments etc.
90 day Challenge goals:
100 known words/day average (realistic for exam period)
Minimum 1 hour lingQ per day (except for exam period)

My German lingQ activity has not been great but I have been struggling to find content that I felt like diving into. I have spent most of the time on netflix or calling my girlfriend (in German of course). But I will aim to read an hour or so a day. At the moment I am reading ‘Wie wir die Klimakatastrophe verhindern’. I have also been refreshing on some grammar and delving into more complex concepts. I am happy with my progress in German so far but to reach my C1 goal by mid next year will be a big challenge for me. However, I intend to move to Germany in March so that should definitely help!
All in all, I am really enjoying both German and Norwegian and my language journey.
Macro Goals:
Learn 6 foreign languages before I die!
German, Norwegian, Italian…
Vi sees neste gang,