Northern Irish Accent - The Poetry of Charles Bukowski

Thought I would contribute something. A short course (which I will continue to add too) of the poetry of Charles Bukowski. I hope it might be of interest to anyone who enjoys poetry or is perhaps interested in the Northern Irish accent when learning English!

Very nice. Will go back for more.

New contributions to the Library are great. Just make sure there are no copyright infringements. We don’t want to break the law, do we?

The owner is Black Sparrow Press. I really don’t think there is any issues, John Martin who was the founder would allow Buk’s work anywhere to gain a following, especially in Germany. These have all appeared in Broadsheets, magazines, poetry runs etc.

It’s quite old poetry, recited my be which is available easily on a hundred websites.

I hope, and doubt Lingq HQ will have to batten down the hatches.

Glad some people heard it though. :slight_smile:

Some new content added.