Non premium LingQ limit

I have tried out LingQ non-premium. After 3 stories/lessons I reached the lingq limit. I tried deleting them, in fact I deleted all of them. I understood the limit to be active lingqs, not max you can ever create. But the app won’t let me create any new ones so the app is effectively dead. I was considering going premium but not fully convinced. Being shut out like this is not improving my opinion. Also I wrote to support but got no reply. Not the best way to get new subscribers. Edit. Support did reply with an offer to extend my trial, but I didn’t see it in my junk folder.

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Hi Graham,
We got your email on October 18th and replied on the same day. Also, our sent email is marked as “SEEN” by you, so not sure why you think we haven’t replied. Can you take another look?
I my reply, I offered you extended trial. If you can’t find an email, please message me again.

Hi, I found your reply in my junk folder. Thanks for the reply and the extension. My apologies. I have edited my original comment.

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I would recommend you do pay for the premium. It´s not really that expensive and it will allow you to LingQ as much as you want and import material. I think the membership is somewhere around 120$ a year, which is just about 10$ a month. Not a big price to pay to be able to use LingQ properly and get the most out of it. I´ve had LingQ for 2 years and became fluently literate in 2 languages through it.