No words of reading

In my Progress Snapshot it doesn’t show me how many words I’ve read anymore.

I do read words.

@harpagon - at the bottom of a lesson there is “Times Read” checker. Please make sure that it is correct. You can increase it manually if read a lesson multiple times.

I was not speaking about the number of times a lesson is read.
On my profile, as I look at the screen, on the right side, under my Dutch avatar, there is the “Progress Snapshot”.
In the “Progress Snapshot” you find “words of reading”.
Well, no matter how many words I go through, the “words of reading” never changes. It always shows I’ve only read 318 words in the last week, no words read yesterday, no words read today.

@harpagon - the system counts your words of reading based on the lessons. If you fully complete a lesson (all new words are LingQed), the system counts it as one time read automatically with the number of words depending on a lesson. However, if you have a lesson as uncompleted (still has some blue words), you should adjust manually how many times you have read a lesson, and system will count the number of words in that lesson which will be then shown in your progress snapshot.

Aha, that makes sense. I always leave some words behind (names, numbers) because I don’t want them to appear in my vocabulary. I will try to mark all “undesirable” words with “ignore this word”. Thank you very much.

@harpagon - no problem! :slight_smile: I also leave some blue words but then manually adjust times read as one (with the number of words accordingly). Good luck! Be sure to let us know if you have any additional questions.