No words in flashcards

Trying to use Japanese but it doesn’t work. Downloaded audio but can not select words. Nothing in Flashcards. Absolutely frickin worthless…

As is mentioned many times in this forum, yes, Japanese is not working 100%. It is in Beta. However, there are many members happily using the Japanese. You just have to figure out how it works. Words don’t select easily because there are no spaces between them. You have to drag and select them. The words you drag and select will then appear in the Vocabulary section where you can review them.


Since you are beta testing then I would let you know of my problem. Strangely, when I try to LingQ terms, the dictionary definitions show up, but, they are not saved. The only ones that are saved are those LingQs in brackets, and only if you select the entirety of the bracket.

That said, this might be some improvement on before so keep up the good work. Looks like a great learning tool!


Just to add, the LingQed terms do come up in my general vocabulary, but do not form any part of the lesson review etc etc…

Hi soma36,

First of all, if you want to save definitions, you will have to copy and paste them from the dictionary window to the Hint field. Secondly, the words will not appear in your LingQs list for each lesson because of the problem with identifying word breaks in Asian languages. The words in brackets are ok because the brackets identify the word for the system. I suggest keeping a second tab open for the Vocabulary section while you study the lesson in the Workdesk.

Good luck!

Hi Mark

Thanks for that. Sounds like a reasonable compromise for now.

For hints, I found that you do not even need to copy and paste, just highlight text from the dictionary and drag and drop into the hint field. Saves at least 4 additional clicks for each time you save a hint. Very good idea.