No translation on flash cards - android iLingQ

I have no translations for the flash cards on the android app. I’ve checked the settings on the app but I can’t get them to appear.

That is a known issue for the Daily LingQs flashcards. The flashcards for lessons should be working properly. We hope to have that issue resolved in our next update.

Also, on the iOS version, the app becomes extremely unresponsive so I can’t select anything, move the flash cards along etc.

@CaptainAmerica - Can you tell me what exactly you are doing when the app becomes unresponsive? If we can reproduce the issue, we will be much better able to fix it.

It happens whenever I’m reviewing flash cards . That’s pretty much all I notice. It happens on my iPod touch 4g iOS 5.1, but not on my iPad .

We will see what we can do to try and figure this out. Is anyone else having this problem? And, on which devices with which iOS?