No sound with flashcards

I’m not getting any sound when I click the icon for pronouncing the word. Sound works fine in the lessons. Please help.

Which browser are you using and have you tried it on any other browsers? Also, which language are you studying?

I’m using Google Chrome as the browser and on Spanish language. I’ve been using this browser for a while with no problems. However, I will try Internet Explorer.

Changing the browser didn’t help.

works fine for me in Firefox for Spanish. Strange.

Doesn’t seem to work in Chrome. We will look into it.

Text to speech on the flashcards should now be working properly in all browsers.


Text to speech on flashcards is still not working on Opera browser. Could you please fix it? Thanks a lot.

Hi Zerro,

Opera is not a browser we officially support – I encourage using Firefox or Chrome, as these will give you a better experience here on LingQ.

ok, I got it:)