No sound when playing (who is she..Spanish) lessons. can you help?

as per the title. for the last two days, i have no sound when playing Spanish lessons, any of them.
open lesson, page view, click play button(bottom left) icon appears, a round circle with bar across. No sound. in sentence view, click icon on page to play the sentence, no sound.
the only time i get sound, you know above saved meanings, you have a sound icon and the word you are looking at, that plays sound. but no where else
i done nothing new to my laptop that may have caused this.
the sound on the laptop works as normal.
Using LingQ web site. apple laptop. safari. all software is up to date.

update. two days of no sound…this morning and all’s working fine… no reason as to why, but it’s working so i’m back to study.

Very strange, I can’t seem to reproduce the problem on my end. I asked our team to look into it on their end too.