No sound since update


I don’t know what’s gone wrong with my languages, but I can’t get any sound to come from the French or German lessons! I’ve looked through the other threads and can’t see anyone else with similar problems, could you please help me?

Many thanks, Sue

@SueWt - Would you be able to let us know which browser you’re using? Also, please try refreshing the page using Control+F5 to see if that helps!

Hi Alex, sorry to be so long, but New Year parties.

I’m using Opera browser, the same as I have done since I first joined. I’ve refreshed but still absolutely nothing! I do hope I can still use Opera. I’d be so grateful for more help if possible please.

Many thanks and Happy New Year.


Hi I am studying Spanish and I’m having the same issue. I can no longer play the audio for my lessons. When I click the play button nothing happens. I am using Mozilla Firefox. I have tried refreshing my window and still no luck.

Hi Nayetta,

I’m so pleased it isn’t just me with the problems. Sorry, I don’t mean I’m pleased it’s happening to you, just that at least I now know it isn’t something I’ve done…I hope! Fingers crossed that the problem will be sorted out soon.

I´m having the same problem with Opera and Comodo Dragon.

It`s all right with sound of Spanish lessons. I use Firefox. No problem with sound.

on Firefox it depends on the lesson! some audio are working fine, others not.

I solved the problem in using Chrome. I hope it works for all my studies!


@SueWt - Opera is actually not an officially supported browser, so we aren’t able to spend time fixing issues that are specific to Opera. Would you be able to try another browser such as Firefox or Chrome to see if the audio is working there?

@nayettaj - Would you let us know which operating system and which version of Firefox you are using? Also, would you try using Firefox with add-ons disabled to see if audio works properly? Here are some instructions on how to do this: Diagnose Firefox issues using Troubleshoot Mode | Firefox Help

Hi Alex. I actually found an update available for firefox so I allowed it to update. Once the update was finished I also reset firefox and now my audio appears to be working.

Just an FYI running firefox in safe mode did not help. I am not sure if it was only necessary to reset firefox in order to fix the issue but I’d say it’s worth a shot.

For anyone who wants to try updating their firefox browser, the update started automatically for me when I went to “Help → about firefox.” If you want to reset firefox, follow the link supplied by Alex above and you will find info for how to reset the browser.

Thanks for the link Alex.

Hope this helps someone else.

@nayettaj - Excellent, glad to hear Firefox is now working properly for you! If you run into any other issues be sure to let us know.

I encountered the same problems as many of the users, namely impossible to listen to the lesson. My brooser (firefox is up to date,I got the media flash player 11 version) but it’s still impossible to run the audio file.

@Alex Have tried Firefox, but still no audio. Downloaded Chrome and that’s no good either, what now, please?


@serge33510 - We’re looking into the issue some members are experiencing with Firefox and will hopefully have a better idea soon of what is causing this!

@SueWt - Hmm, if neither Chrome nor Firefox are working then it sounds like it may be an issue with your computer or your network. Would you try accessing the site from another device at the same location to see if it works?

I quite understand you, Alex, but no, I don’t have any other means of accessing LinQ. I’m quite sad that after having found such a brilliant language site, I’m now unable to use it. Just as well then that I hadn’t already taken advantage of the special offer membership price.

I could understand a little easier if it wasn’t for the fact that Opera worked perfectly well here before the upgrade. Maybe you could let me know if ever Opera can be used here again.

Thank you for your help, Sue

@SueWt - Not to worry, you aren’t necessarily out of luck just yet! A few more questions should help us better understand the issue for you:

(1) Are you able to play text-to-speech in any of these browsers?
(2) Are you able to play YouTube videos or other audio files on different sites?
(3) Do you know if your network has a firewall? If so, can you try turning off the firewall to see if you can play audio files from your computer in Firefox or Chrome?

@Alex, Thank you for your first paragraph, I appreciate the help you’re given, truly I do. My Husband is going to check out the firewall in a moment, I know we used to have it on the tabletop computer, but have no idea now I have the laptop.

I checked out the German introduction lesson just a minute ago, and although clicking on the arrow for the passage text still didn’t work, I tried clicking on a yellow word and then on the mic part for that word and each time for all words it works perfectly! That’s with Opera, but still nothing on the others.

Off to see about the other questions now.

Thank you, Sue

@Alex - Dare I say it, but I think I’ve done it with Firefox! I needed a ‘plug’ which has enabled the sound. Ok, I need to bookmark and I can’t go straight through from a link my In box as it’s all set for Opera, but I CAN continue with my lessons and the lessons will now download onto my iPhone which wouldn’t happen since the upgrade.

Just one more question, Alex, when I begin a new lesson, am I meant to click on ‘open’ on the right of each lesson or am I meant to double click on each lesson? Also, is there supposed to be a written translation? If so, I didn’t see it before and don’t now either. Sorry to be a pest, but I thought I’d just as well ask now.

Very many thanks for all your help


@SueWt - See, I knew there was light at the end of the tunnel :slight_smile:

You can click either the open button on a lesson or the lesson title, both should work. Some lessons will have translations, but most don’t. It is actually up to the provider of the lesson whether or not they add a translation to the lesson. Instead of relying on translations of lessons, we encourage learners to save the words they don’t know then read and listen to the lessons. This will help develop a more natural feel for the language and will help down the road in not using translations as a crutch.

Should you have any more questions feel free to get in touch with us!

@Alex - to your first sentence - I’m glad you did as all I could hear was the sound of the train! I : O

Re the translation question: That’s fine then, thank you. I quite agree that it helps you look and listen more to get into the language. It’s just that as each lesson opens there’s a sort of flashing on the right and text there then gone and I didn’t know if it was unable to get the text on.

Fine then, Alex, thank you for all your help. Very much appreciated.