No show tutors

I have had several no shows with tutors recently. If something happens and the tutor contacts me to arrange another session I don’t mind. I have also missed discussions where I was the tutor.

When there is no attempt to contact me, and no answers to my emails, I am inclined to post the names of no show tutors on the forum. What are your thoughts. Have you had similar problems?

No, I haven’t had this problem. My main problem with some tutors was that I got a worthless report only saying that my English is quite good. Other tutors provide well written reports. I stick with them.

Vera, you will soon have the means to evaluate the tutors, and that will help all of us.

No, I haven’t had this problem either. In fact, I have not encounter one single problem with the five French tutors that I’ve used. All conversation and writing reports are sent in a timely manner with instructive, constructive, and detailed criticism. I have inadvertently missed a few discussions due to my own confusion about timezones, but contacted the tutor immediately. Overall my experience with the French tutors have been and is currently EXCELLENT!

Yes, I did have a no show problem. I felt very bad.
Of course my Lingq’s points were backed, but I had wasted big amount of time.
I don’t sign up when I have a spare time, but I always have to make some effort to create time to sing up.

I don’t mind if the tutor would contacts me afterwards. I just want to know why she didn’t show up. I don’t upset even though she would say ”just forgot it.” (maybe a little…)

But I didn’t receive any notice from “no show tutor”.
Any notice.
I think this is very rude attitude.

I think that names of no show tutors should be posted on the forum depending on the situation. At least, they should not be posted immediately afer a missed conversation.

There may be internet provider issues or other unexpected problems at the tutor’s side, but if they contacted me some time after a failed attempt and offered another conversation, and we agreed about time, this is OK to me. It is also great in this case if the tutor can be a little more generous and give me extra few minutes of speaking time as a compensation.

But if such a tutor misses conversations repeatedly, I think their name should be posted. If the tutor haven’t contacted the learner in reasonable time after a conversation they missed (maybe 24 or 48 hours), I think it is also appropriate to post. Anyway, they can always go into that same thread and tell the reason and/or apologize if they want to.

I also think that we can more openly and publicly discuss tutoring styles of particular tutors, or recommend inexperienced tutors to sign up for conversations to more experienced tutors, maybe even in their own language. I personally hesitate to sign up for conversations with tutors who gave only a few conversations. And what I really don’t like is when a tutor posts conversations only in pursuit of points or money and isn’t really interested in tutoring and communication as a process.