No response from dictionaries

Not getting any response from any Japanese dictionaries. This happened suddenly in the midst of a session. Is this me or the server or something else?

I’m sorry, what is really annoying?

As it happens I discovered the problem was with my settings.

No it appears it is not the settings. I assumed it was because the pop up dictionary started working again after I’d played around with the pop up blocker settings but that seems coincidental as it has now once again stopped showing the pop up dictionary and the settings are fine.

Oh and now it is suddenly working again (just checked) maybe the server is very slow at times. I don’t know.

Sorry about this. That’s right, you’ll need to make sure to have popup enabled in your browser, since most of our dictionaries are now loading in popup.
If you have any additional issues related to dictionaries, please let me know!

Thank you for the response. Actually the problem is continuing.

I have checked the pop up settings several times and they are as they should be with pop ups allowed. However sometimes I get a response from the dictionary and sometimes nothing. This will happen from one moment to the next within the course of one session. It also affects any other lesson I check at that time. Then suddenly the pop up dictionary will start showing again. Only to fail to appear again after a short while.