No "remainders" or "alerts"

I’m wondering if this happens only to me, but I haven’t received any Reminders or Alerts when signing up for a conversation, having my writing corrected(when it’s returned), or someone signing up for my conversation. I’ve been receiving other emails like Forum Alerts or LingQ Central notices.

I have notice something similar, I think I m not receiving reminders for group conversations but I do receive for one-to-one ones. I’m not exactly sure cause I didn’t really keep track from which ones I receive and which ones not but definitely I do not receive from all of them.
I don’t really mind since I work on my laptop all the time and I usually have LingQ open, but I would better receive them.

I assume they are not ending up in your spam folders…? Please check just to be sure. :slight_smile: We will also do some checking at our end but it’s always good to rule everything else out first.

Yes, I did check the spam folder, but there’s none from LingQ. Also, I’ve been receiving other emails from “”. Is there anything else I should check?

Also, I was receiving the notice which tells me when someone left a comment on my wall, but it stopped coming …

Yes, I have checked the spam folder and it’s not there.
Today I have a conversation in one hour and I haven’t receive a reminder, neither for the conversation I had 2 days ago.
I 'm pretty sure I received some reminders for one-to-one conversations I had the previous weeks.
I receive everything else fine (LingQs of the day, support, wall posts)

I seem to get some notices but not others. BTW Konstantina, don’t take a nap, don’t start watching a video or do the laundry, I look forward to our discussion in Russia with Lyudmilla in less than an hour. I am going to get all of my chores out of the way, and will be listening to Echo Moskvi on my iPod just to get warmed up and I will be waiting.

Haha I wont! Gonna make a tea and read the other thread at the Russian forum for warm up.

Hi it’s me again. I still don’t receive any remainder for conversation sign up or new postings on Forum or Wall. The messages from "support” and “LingQCentral” do not seem to be a problem. I will check my whole inbox again, so could you please let me know what would be the title of these remainders or alerts?

Hi Tamaki,

It sounds like those emails must be going to your spam folder. They are all working for me so they are being sent out. The LingQCentral alerts come from a different place and direct messages from support are also treated differently. You seem to be blocking all automated emails from the system. Search your spam folder for sender “”.

Hi Mark,
I think I found the problem. The emails I’ve been receiving were sent to “” or “”, but my latest registered address is “”. Is using a “” address a problem? I’m going to change it to see what happens.

It seems my other account which probably made a long time ago as a test is working. That’s why I was receiving emails sent to every member, but none for the personal activities. Could you please check my account?

can you occasionally checked “Don’t send me any emails from LingQ” on the settings page?

Rasana-san, :wink: No I never checked that button… and actually, been making sure it hasn’t been checked many times since I discovered I haven’t received my emails.

Tamaki, there is no reason why any of those emails you mentioned shouldn’t be working. It looks you have now changed your email. Have you started receiving the forum alerts?

Hi Mark, it’s been working now! :wink: It seems using a “” address is the only problem, I don’t know why though. Well, it is ok now. Thanks for your help!!!