"No previous hints" message on all unknown vocabulary

Hi Everyone,

Lingq has been great and working very well up until the last few days when no hints have been offered for any of the words in the new texts I have opened.

Is there some way that I can fix this problem? It significantly slows down the rate that I read and the enjoyment I get from texts.



@JoeDee - If you are studying words that nobody else has studied before, you will not find hints unfortunately. Make sure your dictionary language is set to English since you are most likely to find hints in English. It seems strange that no words at all would be showing hints in your new texts but you will certainly find more words without existing hints as you progress in a language. Of course, thanks to the efforts of members like yourself, we hope someday that all words will have hints!

I just went into the latest item you are studying, Joe, and of four words I clicked on, three had hints.

Thank you Mark and Steve and happy Christmas. I currently have no access to a computer as I am at relatives but I will check my dictionary settings when I get back home.

All the best,