No Pinyin for Traditional characters on Android version?

When will this be available? Thank you!

At the moment on the Android app you can see Pinyin in blue and yellow popups only when you select a word. We will have it available in a lesson text too in the upcoming update which will be released in a few weeks.

Hi Zoran,

I can’t still can’t see the pinyin on the popup boxes when clicking a new word in blue or any created Lingq. See example for 同学. I also sent an email about this.

Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Thanks, let’s continue conversation through email.

It does this. A way I figured it out was that there are three text offers: pinyin, traditional, and none in the case of simplified chinese. Not sure how different it is to traditional.

I firstly press pinyin, then press none right after and the pinyin will show up in all words and future blue words. Sometime it reverts back but it worked for me. Hopefully this helps.

Where can I find these three text offers on android?

Assuming based on your picture example, the three dots should show the settings->Reader (Scroll to the far bottom). I have IOS, but I’m guessing it’s similar

Sadly, for android we don’t have that settings. ;_;

For simplified Chinese, there’s an option at the button for alternative asian script, but when I switch to traditional, that option doesn’t exist. Accoridng to LingQ support, pinyin is not yet included so I’m dying to wait for 5.0 as they promised to include it.