No option to change default dictionary or voice on Mobile

I’ve found an old thread by Steve on how to change the default dictionary, but that seems outdated, especially so for Lingq mobile…is there a way to change the default mobile dictionary to Google Transalte for all languages?

It is also far easier to change the text-to-speech voice on Desktop than on Mobile - for example I really, REALLY don’t want the south american pronunciation of things in Spanish, and in general for Russian the quality of the text-to-speech seems lower on Mobile.

Is there a way to change these things?

It’s actually quite simple to change the default dictionary on the Android app. Tap on a blue word, after blue popup appears, tap on the arrow to expand it.
Under list of selected dictionaries, tap on the “Show More >” to see the complete list of dictionaries. Add dictionary you want to be a default and then simple drag it on the top.

As for the TTS, the app will use voice which is set as default on your device, so you can change that under your device settings and it will apply automatically on the app too.

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Regarding TTS, do you mean what is set as default in the browser? For example, for French I’ve had my TTS as “French Male” for months on the browser, yet I’ve always had a woman’s voice on the app. Is there something wrong with my app maybe?

Edit: I just tried installing this on an iPhone and somehow things work as intended! But for some reason, even reinstalling on my android doesn’t get the same results (even if I DID get an interface update).

No, the Android app will use TTS voice which is set as default on your device (your Android phone). You can install different voice under your device’s settings and make it default. The app will then automatically use that voice too.