No notifications for tutors about students reserving lessons

I’ve already tried twice this week to book lessons. Both times the tutors failed to confirm the reservation. The first time was with Steve. When he didn’t confirm or respond to my messages, I wrote support and found he was on a business trip to South America. Ok, fine, no problem, I thought, I’ll just book a lesson with another French tutor. Well, the same thing happened again. No confirmation for the booking. Later, I get a message from the tutor explaining that the reason she didn’t see my request was that apparently on LingQ, tutors don’t get any sort of SMS or email notifications when a student books, and that they only see the requests if they constantly check the site. She recommended booking for more than 48 hours in advance. That’s really inconvenient, though, because I have a busy schedule and rarely know when I’ll have free time more than 24 hrs in advance. It seems really bizarre that there wouldn’t be a better notification system in place that would at least send out an email. I know that if I don’t get email notifications for stuff, I won’t see it till it’s too late, so I don’t blame the tutors, just the system! Can’t something be done to fix this! It makes me really not want to request any more tutors and have to wonder if they will see my request or not!

Tutors do actually receive email notification too when students book a conversation or send writing request.
Tutor who told you that should contact us on support(at) if she is not receiving notifications and we will check if there is a problem with her account or if she is subscribed to our email system.