No notifications for tutoring

Hello there, I’m doing tutoring and can’t see any notifications on LingQ, which never happened before. After a student’s booking was expired (I didn’t accept it on time), I edited time and waited for the student’s acceptance on LingQ. But the student said there was no notification. Then he booked another conversation, but I can’t see any notification neither.

Thanks for reporting that. We will investigate the issue.

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Have you investigated the issue Zoran?

I’ve written to you daily for the last week as I’ve tried to change my tutor availability on my profile. I make changes which are not saved. A real problem!
It seems you are not getting notifications of my messages to you on your wall.

So notifications on LingQ has clearly not been resolved.

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My students wish to meet me earlier than my current availability. I am very happy to accommodate them.

Changes to my availability are not being saved.

  • I make changes
  • I save the changes
  • My profile looks good with availability weekdays daily at 8am CET.
  • I check my tutor’s profile as if I were a student about to book a class and I see my profile is not updated.

This is an ongoing problem which has lasted two months.
I thought the changes to my availability were being saved and only coincidentally established this was not the case.

Please help!
I need urgent help.

Same thing happening to me

Sorry to hear that, Maria. Please check your email, I just messaged you with some additional information and questions.

Zoran, I have not received an email from you.

It is now two weeks that I have been asking for help to edit my availability for tutoring.

I simply wish to change my available hours. I edit my profile and save it - it looks good but when I return to my profile the changes have gone

Please write on my wall.

I wish to have this problem solved.

@Maria2 I messaged you on email you created your LingQ account with, maybe check your spam. Also, regarding the tutor’s calendar issue, our developers are looking into it now and I expect that we will have it fixed very soon. I apologize for any inconvenience.

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