If you disagree with someone on some thread don’t go bananas, I would like to see arguments (if there’s any) on what you disagree on. Please do it in GOOD ENGLISH that I can learn something from your writing, and of course, do it in a civilised manner because we’re civilised folks, aren’t we?

I’m with you on everything except for the English part. I’m afraid people will just have to write with whatever English ability they have.

The English part could be fixed too, because as Tarris1 wrote (in Just Do Two Things thread) “…I see a lot of potential here if things are done right.”

I agree with you, but I would fail because I eat a banana every day. I love bananas.

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You see! English language isn’t easy to learn. How could I put it? Just for you: NO NEED TO GO BALLISTIC.

I buy bananas at the grocery store almost every week. This doesn’t mean the expression is wrong.

But it’s:
No need to go bananas. No need to go crazy; to go insane; to lose your mind, etc.

The infinitive is always the most basic, root form of the verb: to go (not “to going”).