No more points when you share a lesson?

Hi Guys!
Where are the points that you normally receive when you import and shares a new lesson?
Recently I shared a few lessons but I didn’t receive the points.

All content providers are receiving points for shared lessons based on how many users took their lessons, but we never gave points just for sharing lessons. It was always based on usage.

I say the points when I share a lesson to the community. But if you say that is based on how many users took the lessons my question is resolved. Thanks zoran

But now points don’t expire … Content providers will receive basically nothing, right?

We do still share fixed number of points among content providers each month.

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May I ask what fixed number, exactly? It’s the firt time I hear of that. My interpretation was that only expired points where given out to content providers. Maybe I am missing something?

‘Each month we take any expired points from that month and pay them out to all those who shared content that month. Points are then awarded to content providers based on the number of shared lessons as a percentage of the total number of shared lessons. If your lessons accounted for 10% of the total lessons shared, you will receive 10% of the expired points collected.’
‘As long as you are active, earning points, buying points or spending points, your points won’t expire.’

That’s right, we were giving expired points to content providers. But, as you said, since points no longer expire and there is no any expired points to share with providers, we decided to keep awarding them anyway and continue sharing almost 100k points each month.

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