No more forced immediate study of LingQs?

I just got the update on the iOS app. Looks beautiful. It does seem however to be missing a feature that I liked in the old one β€” the way it forced you to study all the new words learned on a page before moving on to the next page. Is there any way to make that happen in the new version, or at the least to force you to study the new words at the end of the lesson? I tend to be lazy about studying my new words so I really liked that the app forced me to do it!

Review options are now shown by tapping the LingQ icon in the bottom right corner of the reader. You can review the current page, due lingqs, or all lingqs. You can quickly review the current page by tapping and holding that button.

Thanks for the comment Rochelle^^

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I never use the in-lesson study of LingQs feature. It’s not forced.