No more Chinese LingQ tutors


Where are you guys hiding?


There are more than 1,000,000,000 people speaking Chinese but not a single one who wants to offer speaking practise in Chinese here!?!?! Is LingQ blocked in the PR China? What about Taiwan? Nobody??

But, there are many Chinese users on the other sites, for example Live Mocha, italki, Lang-8, etc. Every time I leave messages, I get many feedbacks. I don’t what is the difference between LingQ and others.

Maybe there are many hiding Chinese users but they do not want to be tutors.

What about this thread?

Otherwise, we will find someone to host Chinese conversations. Give us a few days.

Katherine still has a few slots up for grab for tomorrow. Quick!

Yes, I know, that’s when I sleep. Thanks.

According to Steve’s stats earlier, China only contributes 1% of LingQ paid members. It is not surprised that we don’t have enough tutors.

It is a pity because so many people in China wants to learn English, and LingQ cannot reach them.

yes , know the money about $10 is vary large for many people,for instance the whole cost about have breakfase and lunch and dinner is $60 of my it is a much money for him.
yes ,someone can say :if you really want to learn english ,it isn’t too large to upgrade it .but I want to say:it is really difficult for them.

@shuijingzhiyue There are many tens of millions if not hundreds of millions of people in China who live at the same standard of living as many of the countries in the developed world. There are hundreds of thousands of Chinese living abroad who need to improve their English, and they also have the means. The expensive Wall Street Institute and others make a fortune in language services in China.

No. The reason for our lack of success with the Chinese market lies elsewhere. We need a break. Tiny Lithuania is our third of fourth largest source of paying members, because of our influential blogger, Gintaras, a LingQ member.

We need to have some Chinese bloggers, who understand LingQ, like it, talk about it, and eventually influence other people. I keep hoping we get that break. That is what happened in Lithuania. If the Lithuania phenomenon were to take lace in the Chinese blogosphere, we would have lots of Chinese speaking members.

Anything you can do to help would be appreciated. I am going to start up again on Westca where I used to have an English corner many years ago.

I don’t mind teaching Mandarin, in fact I love teaching it, but I am new here, I wonder how to do it. If anyone wants to learn it, just contact me. And besides, I enjoy listening to Steve’s French Conversation in the lessons.

@ZHOULEI - To get started tutoring and hosting conversations, go to the Settings page and select the language you want to tutor in. Then enter time in your calendar which you can access on the Speak page. I suggest reading the help page for Speak also Tutor Help

I’ve done the calendar, but I can not see the people who want to speak to tutor…

You will get an email, plus a hint on your overview page.

@ZHOULEI - Now you have to wait for people to sign up. I recommend you post conversation times for the next month instead of just for one day. You will be much more likely to have people sign up.

i’m willing to be a chinese tutor, but i 'm really new here!!
who can help me??

thank you=)

@fuzzlog - The best place to start is to read the help on the Speak Tutor Help and Write Write Help pages. Then, if you still have questions, you can ask them on the forum.

I’ve setup many hours of tutoring in May, hopefully I’ll get some customers.

@ZHOULEI - Great! Come on all you Chinese learners. Now’s the time to put your money where your mouth is, as they say… :slight_smile:

I still have a question: Why can’t I see myself on the page of available Chinese tutors? Does it mean that I missed doing anything to show myself to the learners?