No mixers

A: Do you want a drink? I’ve got a lot of booze. No mixers.
B: Cup of coffee would be great. Why don’t I make it?
A: Oh, don’t mind me. I accidentally took three of my pills instead of one.

Question: What does “mixer” mean here? Is it one kind of alcohol, like cocktail? So booze and mixer are not the same?

Thank you!!!

It is a non alcoholic drink that is used in cocktails such as ginger beer or tonic water would be another one (Gin and Tonic). Booze generally refers to hard alcohols (30-40 %ish), vodka, whiskeys, etc.

I am not 100 % sure but the opposite of hard alcohols would be light alcohols or low alcohol drinks (cocktails with low level of alcohol).

Beer with not much alcohol are generally called light beers. I can’t really think of any examples for low alcohol drinks but Bellini (processo and peach puree) and Kir (white wine and Creme de mûre/or cassis) comes to mind.

Crème de mûre is a blackberry liqeur whereas crème de cassis is blackcurrant liquer. Also a small side note when speaking of alkohol crème as in crème de cacao, crème de mûre refers to the the higher suger levels not to cream.

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A mixer is really any non-alcoholic liquid product that is used along with the alcohol to make a mixed drink, like sour mix that is used with tequila and triple sec to make a margarita or orange juice that is used with vodka and Midori to make a melon ball or even Coca-Cola that is used with rum to make a Cuba Libre, aka rum and coke. Those are all considered “mixers.”