No Mail notification

A member sent me a conversation request, which I missed, because I didn’t get any email notification. However, I received mail notifications for forum posts.
What might be the problem and what can I do about it now?


@mfr - Did you check your spam folder?

Hi Mark
I’ve just checked my spam folder and there’s nothing there.

@mfr - I checked your mail settings and you are unsubscribed from all mailings from LingQ including Conversation Requests. You will have to change your mail settings to receive emails.

Hi Mark
Are you sure you checked my mail settings?
I’ve just checked and this is what I have:

And this is the first time I haven’t received the mail notification for a conversation request.

@mfr - It looks like you were unsubscribed from most emails on March 19th. You have not received any LingQs of the Day, Weekly Reports, Newsletters, Conversation Requests since that day. Perhaps you clicked the unsubscribe link for a LingQs of the Day language you no longer wanted to receive and then accidentally selected to remove yourself from all lists. This can be a bit confusing on that unsubscribe page. This then overrides the settings on your Settings page. I will resubscribe you to all lists. Then, you are best off controlling all your mail settings from the Settings page in future. The unsubscribe link in the emails is more for those who no longer want to receive any emails. Sorry about that!

I’m sorry, but that is not correct. I have received Conversation Requests:

And I’m afraid I didn’t quite well understand, is there any other place besides the Settings page, to control that?

@mfr - Actually, those are conversation confirmations and or reminders however those are not conversation requests. You were unsubscribed from conversation requests. I have re-subscribed you now so you should get them in the future. The settings that you changed were the settings that you see when you click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of many emails like the LingQs of the Day and Weekly Report. It is a bit confusing we know. Sorry about that.

Hi Mark
I now see the difference…it’s a bit confusing indeed. Thanks!

Why not every day I get mail notification about the LingQs of the Day? If I go directly to the page -Learn-Vocabulary-Due for review- I’m also not every day to find the LingQs of the Day… for example, today.

@sauliokas - I checked and the logs show that these emails are still being sent to you. Is it possible that they are going into your spam folder?

No, i check spam folder.
For example:
I get mail notification for LingQs of the Day on June 27, 28, and then July 2
Directly on site i have LingQs of the Day June 27,28,30 and July 2

@sauliokas - I see that you have moved quite a few of your words to Status 4. Some of these words won’t come back to you for another 15, 30 or 60 days, and some will never be sent back. It is likely that you don’t have enough LingQs waiting to be reviewed for some of these days so the system doesn’t have any LingQs to send you. I guess the solution here is to great more LingQs :slight_smile:

This is hard for me to explain, but I’ll try :slight_smile: Maybe you change the system? Earlier if I make new Lingqs, I have them to review on the next day. Now, sometimes the rewiew of new words comes after several days or a week. I think this is because I do not always see the day Lingqs. I think they are created, but I don’t see them. I have a not so little, about 200 Lingqs with the status of 1-2-3, many of them are created in the last several weeks. I don’t think that the system has nothing to show me :slight_smile:
Ok, this is just my thoughts,maybe I’m wrong …

@sauliokas - How many LingQs have you selected to receive in the LingQs of the Day? Are there any days where you receive fewer than that number (aside from days when you receive none)?

Mostly I receive 93-97 LingQs
Sometimes, if a few days I didn’t create new lingQs, I receive fewer.

@sauliokas - I see, in that case it would be strange that none would be sent. I should note that we discovered that the LingQs of the Day may not have been sent to everyone over the past few days. We are looking into this and will be sure to get any issues fixed.

Today everything works. I hope it will be also in the future :slight_smile:

@sauliokas - Great, glad to hear it! If you notice any other issues here be sure to let us know.

A member sent me a conversation request for Tuesday, July 23. I received the email notification today, Wednesday, July 24. I appreciate your attention to this matter.