No, Liberals, You Didn't "Win" the Popular Vote

Shaking my head at anyone who thinks winning less than 50% of a vote should automatically entitle you to anything.

Shaking my head at anyone who thinks winning less than 50% of a vote should automatically entitle you to violent and illegal protests.

Shaking my head at anyone who thinks Clinton would have won under a preferential voting system.

Shaking my head at those who don’t understand the difference between plurality and majority.

Trump received 62, 979, 636 votes (46.1%)
Hillary received 65, 844, 610 votes (48.2%)
Others received 7, 804, 213 votes (5.7%)

Hillary was favored by more Americans.

Yet she couldn’t hold on to the Democrat core vote in key states!

It seems to me she was a weak candidate: intelligent and experienced, yes; but also unlikeable, arrogant, filled with a sense of entitlement, contemptuous of many ordinary Americans “deplorables” (not to mention other skeletons…)

I was looking at some old internet footage of Bobby Kennedy the other day. Honestly, the 1960s generation of Democrats were absolute giants compared to this botox-faced harridan!

If the Democrats really couldn’t find any other better candidate than this, they deserved to lose, IMO.

Other than the use of the word “harridan,” I agree with what you’re saying.

Bernie was a better candidate. He had a lot of integrity. The Democratic National Committee did some shenanigans to get Hillary as their candidate.

Many of us who voted for Hillary did so not because we wanted Hillary but as way to prevent a Trump presidency.

And because of the electoral college rules, we came up short.

Yup, sad for you that a great chunk of those votes came from New York and California. Too bad that 2 States can’t rule the other 48.

Looking at the millions of Americans who DID NOT vote… smh xD

Don’t shake your head so violently? I wonder why there is “a” in “50% of a vote”? How can you divide “a vote” into, for example, 50% and 50%?

To tell the truth, how to use the articles properly is most difficult for me as a learner of English.

View from the left

View from the right (I like Crowder…a respectable conservative…there aren’t many)

A vote can either be individual or as a group.

ex. The class took a vote to determine the class president.
ex. I can cast a vote for class president.

Thank you for your explanation.

Does “a vote” in “50% of a vote” mean a voting session, which might be called “election”, held somewhere or the total number of votes cast in “a” ballot at an “unspecified” place because there is no description about where it was held.


I don’t fully understand your position(mostly due to the English language itself being confusing on this topic)

The vote(election) is conducted by counting millions of votes(individual). To get more than 50% of a vote(election) is to receive more than half of the votes(individual).

there are many synonyms for elections, but the popular vote always looks at the percentages of the individual.

This gives you many definitions and example sentences: