No emails of Flashcards

I wrote about this last week and got a response which corrected the problem and started receiving daily emails for about 4 days. My daily flashcard emails have stopped again for about 4 days. Can I please have this resolved

Have you been creating new LingQs each day?

If not, could it have something to do with the SRS algorithm? Receiving the same vocab each day doesn’t make much sense, a pause is beneficial…

Sorry about that, we’re looking into this now. The lists should be available on the Vocabulary page if you click on “Due for Review (SRS)”.

The OP might want to check is email setting. If he studies more than one languages or he received more than one emails at the same time by LINGQ, it might be possible their were considered spam and block (for a few minutes). That might trigger a ‘can’t contact this subscriber’ in the email protocol of LINGQ.

Hope your problem while be solve but Alex is right, you still can get your SRS in vocabulary page.

Thanks to all for taking time to respond and provide feedback

Same for me. I haven’t got any emails in the last seven days.