No daily LingQs for April 27

I haven’t recieven any daily LingQs e-mail for 27 of April!
Also when I go to my vocabulary page in the SRS option I can see the LingGs to review for previous dates, but no for 27 of April!

@kikimav- Can you please check again? Our records show that those emails were sent. You may also want to check your spam folder. Let us know if you continue to have problems.

I just checked again! No there is no e-mail for the 27th and no LingQs for that date in the vocabulary SRS section either!

But the good news is that I recieved the lingQs for the 28th, so maybe it was just an occasional glitch!
Thank you for your response, if it happens again I will let you know!

@kikimav - Ok. Sounds good. Keep in mind that there aren’t necessarily LingQs to review every day. There is an algorithm which determines which LingQs to be reviewed and if there are none that fit the criteria, there won’t be any LingQs that day. LingQs are selected based on when they were last reviewed and their status.

Yes I know that, but I think that means that maybe one day there will be no lingQs in the SRS page in my vocabulary.
But I thought that even if there are no lingQs to review, you still get a mail with 50 random LingQs. Or if for example you have only 15 lingQs for review, you will get a mail with these 15 LingQs and 35 other random LingQs (if you have chosen to receive 50 daily LingQs that is). So mostly because I did not recieved the mail for that day I thought it was bizarre!

Anyway, 29th LingQs are also here, so all good!!
Thanks again and have a nice day!!

@kikimav - Ah, I see the confusion. Just to be clear, the list on the SRS page is the same list that is emailed. If you don’t have any LingQs to review that day, there won’t be an email either. If you create lots of LingQs, you are sure to always get an email! :slight_smile:

Ok All clear now!!! :slight_smile: