No corrector of Chinese?

I tried to send my composition to corrector but unfortunately did not find corrector. Is this a system problem or simply no corrector now?

Have you tried going to your regular tutor’s site? I noticed that Vera’s profile page has a place to submit writing.

This does mean that there are no correctors in Chinese at the moment. We are encouraging all tutors to set their tutoring languages but if they haven’t done so yet, they will not be in the popup for correctors. As RQ says, you can go to your tutors profile and see if they accept writing in your language. If they don’t have a link to submit writing under their photo, you can send a Wall message to ask your preferred tutor to set their tutor language.

The tutor has to change the settings after this update. Then he is again shown as a corrector. I recommend that you write a note on your tutors Wall that he should change his settings.

Yes, I tried to send my message to my regular corrector, so I will wait for her answer. Thank you very much for answering my question.