No audio in ilingq when using advanced settings-audio url

When I import a lesson and I go to advanced settings - audio URL (to use an external audio source). Then sound is not able to be played in ilingq. Is there a workaround/fix?

I’m not aware of one but we can look into it. We will let you know.

@rjtrudel - External audio seems to be working fine in iLingQ. Are you sure that external audio file link is still a functioning link.

The link is still functioning. I’m actually trying to lingq to a lesson thats already on lingq. It works on my computer but not in ilingq.

What is the lesson that you’re trying to open in iLingQ? If it’s a private lesson, can you email the URL to us?

My Lessons > The Linguist. Una Guía Personal para el Aprendizaje de Idiomas > 21. UNA AVENTURA LINGÜÍSTICA. Trabajando y Aprendiendo en Japón

The mp3 link i’m using is

Now when i try to upload it says …

Please correct the following error:
Field “external_audio”: Enter a valid URL.

How can (or can I?) i get the correct link to the audio?

This isn’t an external link, so what you’ll have to do is download the file to your computer then upload it in this lesson. Out of curiosity, why is it that you’re trying to upload an audio file that already exists in a lesson on the site?

I was trying to avoid download/upload :frowning: . The reason is, I love listening in spanish while reading in english. In ilingq i dont like having to click on the words i dont know to find the meaning. So i was remaking the lessons in lingq using google translate to translate the entire transcript and adding the translation to the “new” lesson. I would love a notes/transcript tab in ilingq with the player on the bottom so i can listen-read but im not sure u guys will end up doing that. I was using evernote with their media player but it took a lot of steps to do it. Any suggestions on how i could do this (listen-read) in an easy way?

Im avoiding download/upload cause i want to be able to do everything right on my phone.

Hmm, I’m not aware of any ways to do this at the moment without downloading and uploading the file.

I’m not sure of your situation, but it might be easiest to access a computer briefly to download the files and upload them to the appropriate lessons, then you will be able to do everything else from your smartphone.

Alex when I try to use the bookmarklet from the print lesson screen it won’t let me. I was trying to use a workaround by going to the print lesson screen and then automatically translating that page and then adding the translation using the bookmarklet but it won’t let me.

Not sure why it doesn’t work from the Print Screen page. It should work from the QuickLingQ view, though, which is essentially the same idea.

It works from the quicklingq view page, but that doesn’'t help because the ““google translate this page”” doesn’t work on the quicklingq view. But of course the ““google translate this page”” does work from the uncluttered print screen page. ugh!

or to quote adrian gonzalez maybe god just doesn’t want me to do this!!

and when i try to use the google translate bookmarklet on lingq it says…

The page you requested (Login - LingQ) attempted to redirect to a page (Login - LingQ) that could not be translated.

I’m just trying to automate the process. Its not really a big deal. I’m just lazy and trying to save time.

The pages you are trying to translate is not actually public pages, so Google is unable to translate them.

Looks like, as you say, it’s just not meant to be :stuck_out_tongue: