No Active Chinese Tutors on Lingq?


I signed up for Lingq using a Groupon. I bought the full 1 year Premium Plus package. It seemed like a good way to practice my Chinese.

However, now that I’ve poked around a bit more, it seems like all of the native Chinese tutors are inactive to one degree or another. Nobody seems to have lessons listed and most don’t seem to be using the site.

I could request a conversation with someone, but I have no idea what time would be convenient for them. My schedule is almost certainly more flexible than other people’s since I’m a college student. And it just seems kind of weird to send a conversation request to someone who doesn’t even seem to use this site.

Any ideas? Maybe I’m “doing it wrong”.

I’m a bit worried because my plan has 3,000 points per month and I don’t know if I’ll be able to spend them.

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Thanks for your question and let me get back to you as what can be done.

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I am still loving the site and it’s a good value for what I paid, so I’m not overly concerned.

Plus, I have some really rusty German I could spend the points to practice actually now that I think about it.

But it might be good to look into.

With regard to tutors it is a chicken and egg situation. Tutors post times and no one signs up so they stop posting conversation times. We think there is lots we can do to improve this whole area. It won’t be immediate but it is something we are aware of and we have quite a few ideas.


I recommend you try sending out conversation requests to a few tutors. Choose times that work for you. If the tutor can’t make those times, they can suggest back other times that work for them. If you don’t get any responses, let us know and we’ll make sure to find someone for you to speak with. We’ll get it sorted out!

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Thanks, I shall do that soon. I appreciate the concern!

I wonder though: I posted a writing for anybody to correct, and two people answered fairly quickly. Is there a way to post a lesson time for anybody to teach me and have tutors agree to do it at that time? Sorry if that was badly worded, but basically like what I did with my open writing but for tutoring requests.

If not, that might be kind of interesting for the future.


There is no way to do that currently but it is something we are looking at.

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Sometimes, tutors don’t put out their timetable because of the lack of students.

I suggest you check these two profiles and send them a personal message afterward. (I think that the first one practice the Cantonese Chinese and the second the Mandarin Chinese. I am not a specialist though.)


I would like the LingQ team in addition to the existing services to invent something similar to the exchange request, for the conversation request as well.

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I have the same problem now with my Turkish learning, that makes me confused as well…

Have you tried contacting some of these tutors - Submit a conversation request to a few that you would like to speak with.

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