No access to some reports

There seems to be some inconsistency on my report list: Login - LingQ

Some reports has a “uncomplete” Status but I got the report via E-Mail. The link in the E-Mail works and I’ve access to the report. But the report on the website doesn’t work and the link behind the report looks diffent from others.

A link that works is: Login - LingQ This report is “complete”.
A link that doesn’t work is: Login - LingQ This report is “incomplete”. I receive the Oops-thing.

I’m creative, so I created an adress: Login - LingQ Unfortunately, this opens a blank report.
If I use the link in the email for this report, it is different (Login - LingQ) and I can see the report.

Hope I explained it properly.

Hi Vera,

Conversation “99245” is scheduled to take place on July 18th, so it will have a blank report until after that date. Make sure you have your dates correct to avoid confusion!

Wow, I’m really sorry. How could I be so confused?