Nice seriies of videos in Russian

I’ve found this interesting series of English classes in Russian. It’s great to try and figure out things the other way round.

edit: oops, I misspelled series in the title (had to much to drink, probably).

Maybe, this interesting and useful lessons.
But IMHO, The Teacher speak Russian a lot.
I think a teacher of English has to speak English as often as it possible.

Sorry, I should have made myself clear. I thought this was very interesting and useful for learners of the Russian language. I’m using it the other way around, so the fact that the teacher speaks a lot of Russian is great for me.:slight_smile:


Guess the students don’t understand English at all,so if the teacher’ll speak English,they won’t understand him

I understand it.
I only want to say teacher must speak English as much as possible.
I think most part of people on that class learned English at a school.
And the Teacher could explain with a easy English when it is possible.