Next lesson

There are 13 lessons in this collection.
I can not move directly to the next.I must return to the “collection”
can you fix it? Thanks!

Hi Jolanda,

I’ve now fixed this. It appears that the lessons were all in spot “0” rather than “0, 1, 2…”. Thanks for letting us know :slight_smile:

Hi Alex!
There is a other problem.
“beejaw” He is not active on
There are 8 lesson but in 8 collections.
I think it is better to put it in one “elllo” collection from the same provider.
What you are thinking?

Unfortunately we can’t put them all in one collection, as some were shared by us and others were shared by this member, so points are awarded separately. However, I’ve asked this member to put all their lessons in one collection so there aren’t several different collections with 1 lesson a piece.