News in Spanish

Does anyone know if any Internet stations where you can simply listen to news in Spanish, without music, lots of talk shows, etc. I want to be able to just turn it on and let it run, without having to choose stories, etc. I’ve had a hard time finding anything and at this point it wouldn’t matter to me what country, accent, or whether the news is local or international.

Unfortunately, bbcmundo stopped their weekly news broadcast due to budget difficulties.

But here are three that I have bookmarked that have video clips (bbcmundo, international Spanish+el universal, Mexican) or a LOT of radio broadcasts (RTVE, Spain)

  1. Noticias - BBC News Mundo

  2. Radio Nacional de España: Programas de radio de RNE online


Cool, do you know if these are downloadable/have transcripts per chance? Thx.

I listen mostly to the RTVE (Spain) radio since their program lengths go up to an hour long! You just right click on the download icon to the right of the file name, and click “save link as” to your desktop. Then you can play it in windows media player or however you want to do it.