Newly imported story. Why is it highlighting entire sentences instead of just words?

Seems to be a bug after your latest update. We will have it fixed asap.

Any updates. still appears to be the same

I know computer issues can be complicated to resolve, but I hope you can give an ETA for when you expect an update to roll out OR push out a temporary downgrade for users until this is resolved. For context, I had had just send my Credit Card details to LingQ two days ago and haven’t been able to use the product upgrading from free to premium!

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I’m a regular customer, not representing Here is a report from the field. Just now (1130pm UTC December 2), I looked to see if I would have any trouble importing a Microsoft Windows .txt file containing Simplified Chinese. There was no problem. I typed

在一个遍布着美满习俗的小镇上, 有一位衷心的领事馆官员, 负者管辖该地区的决策失误。 这位官员维护乡村的繁殖和社区的起源充满热情,希望通过刊登有关习俗的文章来传播美满的文化。

(stopping there). I imported it from the Chrome browser. Inside the resulting lesson, I got normal blue “words” of one, two, three, and four characters. The behavior was normal both in Chrome and in iOS.


Sorry about the bad proofreading… (失误 → 事务)

Where I write iOS, I mean the iOS App, of course.


They pushed out an update and it seems to work now. I had to delete all of my uploaded materials and re-imported them.

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Should be working properly now. Thanks again for your patience.