I am currently trying the free sample of this workshop. My problem is I have been learning portugues by listening to my wife ( she’s a Brasiliera) and watching Globo tele novelas and six years of on and off studying pimsleur courses. I’ve been to Brasil and immersed myself. But, something in my brain refuses to think in portuguese, so I am able to listen and read and understand but not speak. Plus I forget words, it’s frustrating, any helpful hints? Your basic courses are to easy for me…what should I do?

You will always forget the words. I suggest you sign up for some discussions with Mairo who is prepared to tutor.

Otherwise I suspect it is a kind of mental block or mental laziness, as well as the fear of making a mistake or of appearing awkward. You do not really have to speak Portuguese so you don’t. And I can appreciate that if you are used to speaking English with your wife, that is not going to change. So speak to someone else.

At some point you have to take the plunge. Speaking is good because you discover where your weaknesses are. At first you do not have to speak a lot to improve. Soon you will feel more confident and want to speak more. I think.

If the problem is feeling inappropriate while speaking, try to record what you say. You could start by doing this alone. Speak for a few minutes about anything and then listen to your recorded voice.
In my case, I’ve been ending up my English discussions with a strong feeling of having performed very badly, but when I listen to my recording, I always get surprised because I realize it wasn’t so bad as I thought.