Newbie Question

I’m learning Mandarin, at the intermediate level. Is there a way to view a lesson without adding vocabulary? I’ve accumulated a lot of new vocabulary and will need time to learn it. But in the meantime, I just want to be able to access other content.
Bai RouLian


You don’t have to create LingQs (yellow words) if you don’t want so. Up to you. You can disable auto-create LingQs under Settings > Reader.


Yes, Zoran is right, and this part – “You can disable auto-create LingQs under Settings > Reader.” – is probably most important.

I’ve said it before, but I think that particular feature should be disabled by default. Often new users (myself included back in the day) get confused by this! And consequently use up their quota of free LingQs when they are just trying out the service.


Thanks, Zoran and Dgbeecher. Now I see I can change the reader settings for each lesson.

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