Newbie puzzled by LingQ creation goals and the arrow button

I’ve got a streak of 8 days, so I’m very much a newbie to LingQ, but I like the promise of it.

However, I’m puzzled. I have imported 4 pieces of content, and created lingQs in all of them. In fact, now, all the words in all the content are yellow. I am reviewing them daily, and getting better SRS based knowledge of them, but there is no more blue in my content to create new LingQs from!! And when I made the mistake of using the arrow button to move to the next page, it marked everything on the first page as known, which it is not. (So, I deleted the lesson and reimported it, and fixed it up)

So I’m puzzled by this. What am I missing? I added new content today, just so that I have another starting page to use to make my daily goal of 13 LingQs. But surely this can’t be right. Why can’t I work in one piece of content to learn everything in it?

Thanks in Advance for the help!!


By default, if you haven’t lingQed all of the words on a page (Making words go from Blue to Yellow) and you go to turn the page all of the words that you left Blue will turn into clear words and LingQ will count them as known words.

In order to change this setting, open up your Lesson that you imported in to LingQ. And on the right side of the page there is a gears icon. Go ahead and click on that. Under Options you are going to see a box that says “Paging moves to known” go ahead and uncheck that box. So now when you move from page to page LingQ won’t automatically move those blue words to known words.

Now go back to your lessons and re-click any word that you don’t know (or suspect that LingQ moved to a known word) and Re-LingQ it. (Words moved to known can always be moved back to Yellow words)


Excellent! I did not know about that option, and will look into it. However, I’m pretty sure, if not certain that all my LingQs were yellow on the page when I moved on. But it is possible, I suppose that I had reimported it and not yet recreated LingQs as needed, because of another problem. At least I know how it’s supposed to work, and am reassured that I ought to be able to click the arrow button if all my LingQs are yellowed – no blue.


Making “Paging moves to known” the default setting seems a bit of an odd decision.


Yes it does!

Another trap you can run into is clicking “finish lesson” on the last page of a lesson before you have worked on every blue word. Finish lesson does the same to a lesson as turning a page does to that page, but in this case, you can’t switch it off.

Don’t worry, the paging moves to known (I would call it a bug but it’s a) feature probably disturbs each and every beginner.
Welcome to LingQ!!

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Thank you so much for helping me avoid this pitfall !!! You are a true friend!

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