New Zealand history and other things

For anyone that is interested I will (over a period of time) bring in some content based around New Zealand history and important aspects of culture.

My first segment is on ANZAC Day and can be found here.

It is a more high intermediate sort of level.

That link should work better

Thank you. I’ll take a look on it.
This Link should work:

Hi Nathan,

Thank you for the new content.

I have some recommendations for you and I hope, you don’t bother about them:
Put your mouth more away from the microphone. Then the sound would be better.
In the first sentence “ANZAC Day is a very important public holiday” the “a” is missing.
You should create yourself as a provider of content and add it to this item.
You should create a collection and put all relating items together for example “History of New Zealand” or something like this.

It is nice to have a NZ-Accent in the library. I have no problems understanding you.


Thank for your suggestions I will work on fixing them up. It was my first content so I figured I would make a few mistakes :smiley:

I’m glad you have no trouble understanding me! I was worried I would talk too fast.

That’s fine, Nathan. This is not a beginner lesson. So it should be no problem if you speak in a normal rate of speech.

After creating a collection the Link to the lesson is now New Zealand History - LingQ Language Library

You should add a description to you as a provider. This would be shown under the text when a student studies the lesson.

Hi Nathan,
the article is interesting and it is good to understand. You will see, how more you are preparing how better it will work for you.
When I began preparing content with audio I had great difficulties too and began often of new.
In the meantime I make the audio and when I do mistakes in speech, I repeat this sentence - after the recording I delete the wrong sentence.

The only word what I have learned in another kind is the year when the soliers landed: 19115
I learned to say …fifteen - and you are speaking similar as …fiveday

Is this spoken in this way where you live?

Thanks and have fun with the next articles :slight_smile:


Yes I will definitely spend more time making sure everything is fine before I upload them :slight_smile:

Irene, I think that is just my accent. I listened to it again and it sounds how fifteen should sound to me.


Thanks Nathan,
it is the same in our dialect, some sound in another way as it should :slight_smile:
Have fun with the next parts!!

Hi Nathan,

I enjoyed the story, too! I didn’t think you talked too fast as it sounded just natural to me:) I’m interested in history, and so I’ll come back to your NZ section when new contents are uploaded.

I thought this would be the best place to say that I’ve added some more to the NZ history collection for those interested :smiley:

I hope you enjoy
:smiley: Nathan