New words percentage wrong and cannot select one particular kanji

Dear Lingq,

I have 2 issues.

The first one is not a big deal. For one lesson the new word counter is zero but, due to whatever bug, the new word percentage for that lesson is still set at 6%.


Can the percentage for this lesson be reset to 0% as well?
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The second issue is a bigger one and that really needs a solution. I simply cannot select one particular kanji of a word to lingq it. Even more, the reader software doesn’t seem to recognise the character as valid text but it is shown, oddly enough.
When I move the mouse pointer over the character, the pointer remains the default pointer. When I move over the adjacent character, the pointer changes into a little hand with a pointing finger.

image image

Can this be checked and solved?
Lesson: Login - LingQ

This last issue is particularly annoying because it will prevent me from lingqing entire new word if a single kanji cannot be selected as that word.

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Thanks for reporting, I asked our team to look into this.